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Suitable for all kinds of timer-based billiard games like Snooker & Pool, PlayStation, Rooms, MahJong, Badminton, Futsal, Ping-Pong, Table Tennis, Basketball, Netball, etc.

We can save your time, money and work!

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Super Easy To Use

Super easy and customizable to your needs

Light/AC Automation

Software will control lights automatically at check-in & out to save electricity

Receipt Printing

Customer receipt will be printed for all check-outs

WhatsApp Integration

Get Daily, Weekly, Monthly report at your WhatsApp

Cloud Architecture

Admin can access the software from anywhere and anytime!

Unlimited Usage

This software can really help, no matter how big or small is your Club

Canteen Management

Easily manage your canteen with SmartCue Software

Credit Management

Dont worry about credit payments, we will manage your credit payments

Daily Reports

Track your snooker business with daily, monthly and annually revenue reports

Membership App

Membership can check availability, schedule match or challenge any player with mobile app

Snooker Table Maintenance

SmartCue software will notify when to change the table's cloth

Expense Management

You can manage your daily expenses

Super Admin Account

Admin can create staff accounts. Staff accounts have limited access, it only can view records but not modifying any records or any settings

Flexible Game Rate Settings

Admin is able to set different rate for every snooker table

24/7 Support

Data backup is our responsibility and we are 24/7 at your service ♥


Why people love SmartCue

SmartCue helps me control my snooker club easily. Now, I can easily track my daily & monthly profit without any hussle.

- Shender's Owner